Apply pipeline vandalism laws, association tells FG .To meet stakeholders  on effective pipeline system


The Pipeline Professionals’ Association of Nigeria (PLAN) has called on the FederAl Government to improve on the application of laws and regulations pertaining to crimes relating to pipelines. On this ground, the association is set to meet stakeholders on effective pipeline system for Nigerian economy during  the first  session of the association’s lecture .

The Chairman of PLAN Mr Jeff Onuoha said there is technology  to make our pipelines as safe as pipelines everywhere but deficiency in the application of laws despite upgrading of our regulations. According to him, we need to improve on the application of our laws and regulations as they pertain to crimes relating to  pipelines. “We need also to attend to and better manage our unique  social issues to minimise the  negative impacts that  they have on critical infrastructure PLAN is a contributor to best practices and better regulations for the pipelines,” he explained.

In a statement issued by the association, the  Director Department of Petroleum Resources  Mr. M. B Ladan is to deliver lecture during the first  session of several series slated for this year. The first session of the luncheon sponsored  by B. G. Technical Limited  is scheduled to take place on March 16, 2016 at Landmark Centre, Victoria Island Annex, Lagos between 1000 am and 2pm. The theme of the lecture is : “The DPR Vision: Effective Pipeline Systems for Rapid Growth in Nigerian Economy”

The Managing Director, B.G Technical Mr. Geoff Onuoha, said the company is supporting the series of Pipeline association’ events  based on the understanding of the indispensability of pipelines in oil and gas production. This, he said will make the company to sustain  support every effort to build and maintain a robust and reliable pipeline network. “This event is one effort aimed at promoting awareness, information sharing and ultimately at having a  sound and dependable pipelines system that  benefits all stakeholders,” he assured.

When  asked about solutions to recurring pipeline leakages and vandalism, Mr Onuoha explained that the technical issues and failures are more straightforward to deal with through  the implementation of robust pipeline integrity assurance procedures. “Vandalism and third party activities are more challenging and require  multi-faceted  efforts from various directions: engagement, education and  awareness of stakeholders, adopting  better practices in pipeline construction and maintenance by pipeline owners and operators, use of  protective devices and systems, surveillance and intervention measures and  using the laws to deter criminal activities against pipelines,” he  suggested.

Besides, he  noted that  some underlying and overhanging social enablers   should be recognised and attended to judiciously.

He added “ These  problems  of leakages and vandalism of pipelines are an ill wind that blows no good to all. The disruptions create uncertainties, lead to down time for everyone, pose planning, operational and sometimes, even survival challenges for companies in this sector. And this is not mentioning the general negative impact on the environment and society at large”.

PLAN is a non-profit organization devoted to raising professionalism whilst elevating the quality of operations and maintenance of pipelines in Nigeria. PLAN is the only association of its kind that is focused on the improvement of pipeline assets in Nigeria.

Each year PLAN organizes and hosts a number of technical sessions, workshops, conferences and exhibitions on all things ‘pipelines’; our events gather together a plethora of the nation’s pipeline Professionals, Regulators and enthusiasts from all spheres of the Pipeline Industry and is the only event of its type.

Membership of the association currently comprises corporate oil producers including Nigeria LNG, SCiN, Total-ELF, Addax Petroleum etc, many Oil Servicing Companies, and Regulatory bodies –DPR and NAPIMS, NGOs as well as individuals who are dedicated to the cause of pipeline professionalism.

The timetable is available on the pre-registration page, however attendee sign-in \ registration begins from 10.00  (no Nigerian time)

Pre-registration must be done online via the  EventBrite Page (, Facebook page (, the event portal (( coming soon) or through the representative handling your firm.




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