Apple faces $999 Billion lawsuit for slowing down IPhones


Eight lawsuits have been filed against Apple since “battery gate”, when the tech giant admitted to slowing down the performance of old iPhones to protect them from the technical problems that may be caused by ageing batteries.

Now, just a week after “battery gate”, Apple is reportedly facing eight lawsuits for alleged “false claims”, storage shrinkage and trademark infringement. The most interesting part about this is that one suit is seeking a $999 billion USD settlement.

The tech giant, however, has remained adamant with its claim that there was no malicious intent in the supposed throttling of the performance of iPhones, which in turn has forced consumers to upgrade to newer versions.

The allegations state that, instead of offering a replacement for the battery issue, the company made an effort to conceal it. If this is proven in court, it would further validate the claims of misrepresentation or fraud.

Apple needs to provide a solid defense for all these claims, which have left many industry authorities conflicted on the ethics of their choices.

How do you think Apple, one of our favourite tech giants, will fare in court?


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