APC chair: Oshiomhole seeks Kalu’s support


Former governor of Edo State and aspirant for the national chairmanship of the ruling All Progressives Party (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, has visited former governor of Abia State and chieftain of the party, Dr. Orji Uzo Kalu, with a promise to strengthen the organs of the party.

APC, said Oshiomhole, should be a party with an identity and a character with core values that will be a yardstick for whoever is coming from other parties.

Oshiomhole made this declaration when he paid a courtesy call on Kalu, who, in turn, assured him of his support, so long as his ambition enjoys the support of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“You are a strong candidate, we shall continue to pray that you prevail, but, any one who will not support president Muhammadu Buhari, who has offered to continue his service to this nation, I will not support. I will only support whomever Mr. President supports,” Kalu said.

Oshiomhole admitted that the former Abia state governor is a strong politician with the capacity to mobilise delegates, hence, the need to pay him a visit.

“You are a delegate on your right and you have the capacity to mobilise. You are doing this in the business world which everybody can see. If I have your support, I know I will have the votes of several others,” the former governor said.

He noted that APC, as the party in power, at the centre, should provide the lead for other parties but that the leadership to make such happen is lacking, as what the party could offer by its present leadership is a mere platform for elections.

“We need party leaders that can negotiate and protect weak members.

“I believe we need leaders like you, I believe we can work with you to make our party great.

“With leaders like you, people should know where APC stands; we should be able to say no to people who are coming from outside, who do not believe in what the party stands for,” he told the former governor.

Oshiomhole said it is not in the interest of the leadership of the party to be lukewarm when institutions like the National Assembly and the Executive are having issues, and assured that under his leadership, the APC will stop being a spectator.

He added that the party under him will rally support for the president to offer the nation good governance, and commended the doggedness of Kalu, as Abia state governor, which ensured that that there was no face-off with labour unions in his eight-year rule.

On his part, Dr. Kalu reminded the chairmanship aspirant that democracy in the country is at a crossroad because of the refusal to adhere to democratic ethos and urged him to campaign vigorously because there will still be other candidates.

“There will be other candidates, we pray you prevail. You have to campaign very well, be assured of Abia support; Abia will work for you, the leaders of the party in the state are here, as long as you support president Muhammadu Buhari, and he supports you, I will support you.

“Any one who will not support president Buhari, who has offered his service again, the person I will not support. Be a statesman and let us discuss our problems within,” Kalu added.

The former Abia governor disclosed he is not really new in the party, as he left the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in 2005, when he was refused registration and that he remained the last person in his political family to move to the APC.


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