An insight into being passionate for political call

Hon Rotimi Makinde

By Rotimi Makinde

The root of an individual is important in whatever role a person plays in life. It is more like the root of the plant whose nutrient intake is similar to the way leaves photosynthesize (a process of converting light energy into food). Our roots help to determine our love and commitment to our community just like how plant root determines soil nutrients through the vascular system of the plant or tree and even work to store up nutrients during dormant periods.

In a sneak peek into the source of Yorubaland and their passion for politics, research has it that, Hon. Misty Olagbaju of blessed memory from Ile Ife, Osun State who believably came, saw but failed to conquer. His memory continues to live on in the minds of those who knew him well and faintly. Among his numerous traits  was his die hard attitude towards the course of good polity. He was later consumed based on his “rigidity” and fanatic position in his community. He was a great Ife man; Bold, vocal, intelligent and highly determined about anything on Ife matters. To those who may not know, the best opportunity and ground to test one’s popularity and blood relationship is not by DNA but politics, “Oye idile(Traditional title) or Obaship”…Ife will never joke with it. To have the gut and liver to contest or attempt to even seek elective position is to be sure one is not the type born for a community by any Urhobo or get transferred to Ile Ife with bamboo carcasses from any of Ife village after irrational flirtation by a supposed mother of Ife origin.  The unfortunate reality is that, Ile Ife as a community, is like a tree with many branches and the indisputable origin of the Yoruba and so it does belongs to all ‘Yorubawa’ irrespective of race, native, origin, gender, economic or political status.

Back from the deviation, in our midst are those in politics for real. Among us are those in politics by call and for communal services. Plenty are  those in politics for commercial purposes and these set of people are opportunists. They are like coins with two faces. They work for both negative and positive, provided it increases their chains of business. You will see them positioning themselves in politics more like board room players as kingmaker, persuader and milker of candidates. They would never consider offering themselves to test the pool of elective position yet they are usually the most noise makers and great scholars in their new found profession and tools for both the ruling class and the opposition to any Government in power. They live like a leech on each candidate and most time, the deciding factor of who gets what, for the blood in them, limits their range of involvement…

The quality of being patriotic; devotion and vigorous support for one’s community, depends largely on blood relation and the natural love one shares with such community or town.

To be patriotic about one’s community is even enshrined in all the holy books…If you therefore find anyone working negatively and to the detriment of growth of his birth place, don’t think too far to conclude they are commercial politicians that are mostly used to sculpt and to water down influences of achievers .One may continue to be a paranoid as long as you knows a little of what’s is going on behind the scenes and you may remain guilty as may be charged with inglorius perpetual scars for a sin you know nothing about. That is the irony of politics without principle fight with silent bitterness when you are unlucky to swim in the cross fire or in same ocean of the big fishes. However, you may have to continue to thank your God if you are not eventually consumed.. Check them out! It takes the grace of God for them to be exposed as the architect and the mastermind of the so called endemic species of the target and the consorted collateral damages…

Watch out for part 2


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