‘Amend TETFund Act to benefit private institutions’


The Federal Government has been advised to amend the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) Act so that both private and government schools can benefit from its interventions.

Executive Council Member of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) of Ladela Schools Abuja, Mainasara Umar said the Act needs to be amended if the country’s education system must be taken to the desired level.

He stated this during Ladela schools 2019 graduation and prize giving ceremony at the weekend in Abuja with the theme: “Reaching for the Stars.”

Umar noted government palliatives to the education sector should benefit both private and government schools since the products of both institutions will work for the development of the country.

He said: “The government should amend the TETFund Act to benefit both private and government schools because the products of these institutions will not work for themselves but the government: taking away responsibility of the government.

“Government should not segregate private and public institutions when it comes to support.

“It is disappointing that funds for tertiary education are restricted to only government schools. It is wrong because attention to education should be general.

“Government prepare guidelines and standards for both private and government schools, there is no need to segregate when it comes to funding and other palliative support from government.

“The teeming unemployed are the ones to fill up the industries, government and they are the ones to bring up the ideas for government to run well so educational support should be for all if government must be seen as the repository of the guidelines and rules as regards to education in Nigeria.”

Proprietor of the schools, Mrs. Angela Ajala, said the theme was to challenge the pupils and students to not be satisfied with average but break academic records wherever they are.

She said with constant power supply, dedicated fund or a single digit interest loan for education there would be tremendous improvement in the sector.

“If you notice the society today there is a kind of despondency where people are satisfied with mediocrity and they think normal average is okay for them and we are saying no, if you reach for the stars you might catch the clouds and so we are telling them to stretch themselves out of comfort zone, don’t be laid back to follow mediocrity or average and do what others are not doing.

“As a school proprietor we see curriculum of government as a basic guideline and as a school we infuse it with the kind of skill we want to see.

“The preparation we give the children now the jobs are not yet available so there are certain skills we need to build into the curriculum from adaptive skills, communication, creative, emotional intelligence skill, social digital, financial literacy skills gives the children resilience to whatever they will meet in the future,” she added.



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