Allegations of Ocean Marine solutions are baseless – Shoreline’s lawyer


We are Solicitors to Shoreline Natural Resources Limited (“SNRL”), its Chairman, Mr. Kola Karim, and Non-Executive Director, Mr. Tunde Karim  (collectively, our “Clients”). Our attention has been drawn to plainly false, malicious and defamatory publications made by and at the behest of Ocean Marine Solutions Limited (“OMS”) made on January 5, 2019, January 6, 2019 and January 7, 2019.

Specifically, the publications include those captioned: “Oil Thieves Fight Bank” with the image of Mr. Kola Karim pasted and highlighted thereon published on January 5, 2019 on “Street Journal” website. These malevolent statements were made by OMS and published through various media.

It is important to state that, ordinarily our Clients would have elected not to respond to such ludicrous statements. However, our Clients are constrained to protect and preserve their hard-earned reputations from such outrageous impunity by OMS and its controlling minds. Additionally, as these false allegations have far-reaching security implications, our Clients have a duty as responsible citizens to promptly defend their reputations, while refraining from joining issues with OMS.

The subject matter of the OMS outburst is a contractual issue involving OML 30 Joint Venture Partners, namely Nigerian Petroleum Development Limited (“NPDC”) and SNRL and such matters ought not to be “argued” in the media. Thus, our Clients will, maintain decorum, discretion and restraint.

Our Clients state that the allegation levelled against SNRL, Mr. Kola Karim and Mr. Tunde Karim are baseless but they will not shy away from preserving their reputations. Thus, without prejudice to all other reliefs that our Clients may pursue against OMS, we hereby DEMAND that OMS immediately take the following steps:

1.Provide a written and unequivocal retraction of the false allegations made against our Clients in   the  same newspaper and online media in which the defamatory statements were published; and

  1. Make a written and an unreserved apology to our Clients, which OMS shall publish in at least three [3] national dailies, as well as in the on-line media identified above.


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