Aeroport connects its students with jobs after graduation – DOS, ACATM

Mr. Oludayo Gideon

The recent Third Convocation Ceremony of the Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management (ACATM), occasioned the graduation of about 250 students with award presentation to alumni of the College with track record of excellence in their career. In this interview with the Publisher, Nigerian NewsDirect, Dr. Samuel Ibiyemi, the Director of Studies, ACATM, Mr. Oludayo Gideon, speaks on the success speed of the College, the expansion vision and the expectations from the College in the nearest future. He commented on the empowerment value the College is adding to the Tourism and Aviation Industry, and how it helps its students to secure forthcoming jobs after graduation. Excerpts:

One key feature of the recent convocation of the college is the award of the best graduating student, can you comment briefly on this award?

One of the things we look at before awarding a graduand the best graduating student is their excellence in academics. The 2019 best graduating student did very well in her academic record and she had represented the institution at different levels. She is not only sound in academics, but also, she appears to be morally upright and sound in all ramifications.

What should be the expectation from Aeroport by next year?

By the grace of God, next year we will be better than where we are presently. We will be setting up a new branch in Abuja. As I have said, it will only get better. We believe everything is in the hands of God as it is said ‘man proposes, God disposes’.

You have mentioned an event coming up in December. Can you shed a little light unto the December event?

Come 14th of December, Aeroport will be celebrating its fifth year anniversary. Also in December, we will be launching our internet booking engine. By the grace of God, we are going to be rebranding Aeroport by changing our logo, brand colour, and so many other things.

Can you comment on the leadership height the alumni of your college have attained, and the positions you envision for those that recently graduated?

We do award some of our alumni who have been doing well in the industry with what we call the “Great Ambassador Award”. I must be sincere that there are a lot of them doing very well but we can only select a few among them to be awarded. I must tell you that they are doing very well. Many of our past students after they graduated have been gainfully employed   and at the same time, many of them have become employers of labour. Our certificate is recognized all in all of Nigeria and all over the world as far as the Aviation, Travel and Tourism industry is concerned. So, there are a lot of job opportunities that await the student who recently graduated.

Generally, what value is Aeroport adding to the Aviation and Tourism Industry?

One of the value that we are adding to the Tourism and Aviation Industry is creating job opportunities. We do not just leave our graduating students alone after graduation to start outsourcing for jobs themselves. With our links with different airlines, travelling companies, embassies and the likes, we recommend our students to those in need of their service on demand. These are some of the things we do for them after their training in the college. We don’t neglect our graduating students after training; we assist them in securing good jobs.

Can you give us a brief profile of your background?

My name is Oludayo Taiwo Gideon, I’m the Director of studies, Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management. I’ve been in the travels and tours industry for 11 years now. People are used to calling me ‘Father Abraham of travels professional’ with the recent convocation being the third, I’ve graduated about 700 travel consultants. In addition to the100 awaiting graduands in December, the sum of all will scale-up to 800 travel professionals. At the same time, I have supported so many youths in eradicating poverty by creating job opportunities for them. I’m proud to be one of those who have carved an edge for themselves in the travel industry.


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