Adeosun’s forged NYSC certificate and failure of the Nigerian system’s forged NYSC certificate and failure of the Nigerian system


The resignation of former Finance Minister, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, over her forged Certificate of Exemption purportedly issued by the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, has put the integrity of the country’s institutions on the line.

Sadly, Adeosun passed multiple screenings at two levels of government where she served. These checks were done by the Ogun State government, the Senate and the Department of State Services, DSS before her employment in government. So what went wrong? Why were the agencies unable to detect a forged document during their background checks on the former Minister of Finance? Or were there no checks at all?

In her letter of resignation after a presidency investigation indicted her for holding a forged NYSC document, Adeosun, who had lived in Great Britain all her life before returning to Nigeria, had blamed “trusted associates” for procuring the fake document without her knowledge.

Nigeria clearly needs total fixing. The implication of Adeosun’s certificate scandal and other certificate controversies surrounding public officials are grave, scary, embarrassing and further erodes the credibility of government and our institutions.

Certificate and document fixing is one of the worst forms of corruption and it needs to be crushed by all means necessary.

There must be thousands of officials that are serving in government and private institutions with forged documentations. One of the them according to multiple reporting is the Chairman of the Special Investigative Panel for the Recovery of Public Property, Chief Okoi Obono-Obla, who WAEC confirmed has a dodgy West African School Certificate, WASC.

How these individuals managed to evade detection during their screening is heartbreaking and shocking.

Take a look at the case of Communications Minister, Barrister Adebayo Shittu, who dodged the mandatory NYSC and is still hanging on to do a job he is unqualified for because our security agencies failed to do their work diligently.

Nigeria must wake up to its national security nightmare and begin to urgently fix its broken system. How much reputational damage can the country endure? We can do way better as a people so that foreign countries can stop laughing at us.

Does it mean the security agencies just approved the document without making efforts at verifying what was submitted or money exchanged hands and therefore, facilitated easy passage of the document?

The agencies of the government must be alive to their responsibilities at all times. All the drama that played out during the period would have been avoided if pre-requisite investigation had been conducted.

Nigerian NewsDirect strongly advocates that all the institutions of the government must be manned by patriotic and competent personnel. Lackadaisical attitudes to work must be jettisoned .


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