Adedimeji Lateef stages one-man show


Actor Lateef Adedimeji, staged a one-man show titled The Prime Minister’s Son on Saturday at the Radisson Blu Hotel, GRA Ikeja, Lagos. The day was also the actor’s birthday.

Lateef who acted over 10 roles on stage, the play which was written by Greg Mbajiorgu and directed by Adeleye Fabusoro, preaches equality. The actor revealed that he worked relentlessly to achieve this dream and said it is his biggest challenge.

“I wanted to do something outside my comfort zone,” he said at the two-in-one event.

“February 1 might be just another day for you. For me, it is not. Yes, you guessed right. It is my birthday. And it is more. It is also the day we make history.

“They say if you want to make a difference, you have to first be the difference. In my bid to be different, I worked relentlessly for this dream and it came through on the 1st of February.

As I took this bow, I had series of emotions rush through my veins but of all I am more than indebted to everyone of you. Thank you, eniyan laso temi.”

Also commending the actor for his efforts in making the show a successful one, director Adeleye Fabusoro said the actor was determined.

“Late last year, Rare Edge Media and I decided to embark on a journey with the actor, Lateef Adedimeji. It was not just a journey of reinvention for him as an actor, but also a vital redefinition for us as an organization interested in creating new trends and innovation. So we came up with an idea; a one-man play. One week later, we began rehearsals.

“For 2 months the actor had a hectic daily schedule of trainings; fitness, swift role switching, multiple acting techniques, movement and dance routines, voice and speech lessons and a lot more to ensure he was physically and mentally ready for this.

This was a lot – especially for an actor of his calibre. Many times, he had to turn down job offers – he was missing out on jobs (and money), but this was a goal we were determined to achieve against all odds.

“As a director, it was not a walk-over for me either. Directing a play and having to run an organization at the same time is not child-play.

While attending rehearsals, I had to shuffle between other different business and management engagements. Being the producer of the same show raises the bar even higher.

A one-man play, you’d realise, is not, technically, a one-man show. Having to manage the team behind the stage to blend with the talent on stage was a challenge too – albeit an interesting one, I must say.

“Personally, I am beyond pleased to see all the efforts and sacrifices pay off. We delivered a great show. We made history. Lateef proved that he was not just another screen actor, but an all-round performer.

The total package. In the days of Hubert Ogunde, Moses Adejumo (Baba Sala) and others, they ruled both the stage and the screen – they were gods of each medium. Today, I dare say, Lateef Adedimeji has joined this league.

“The performance of The Prime Minister’s Son on February 1 2020 is a win for everyone, Lateef Adedimeji, Rare Edge Media and the industry in general. What we are witnessing here is a movement.”

The event had in attendance Mama Rainbow, Bimbo, Oshin, Femi Adebayo, Muyiwa Ademola, Kehinde Quadri, Eniola Afeez, Bimbo Thomas, among others.


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