9mobile keeps mum over NCC alleged sanction


By Bukola Olanrewaju

The Telecommunication Communication company, 9mobile, has kept mum over recent Nigeria Communications Com-mission (NCC) sanction, Nigerian NewsDirect can report.

The regulatory body has recently hit the big hammer on the Telecommunication company after the firm allegedly violated regulatory rules.

The Telecommunication firm was said to have been found of running a promotion not approved by the regulator.

All efforts by our correspondent to hear from the company’s spokesperson proved abortive before filing this report.

In a text message to our correspondent, the Acting Director, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs, 9mobiile, Mrs. Oluseyi Osunsedo, said. “9mobile has not received the recommendation referred to.”

According to the first quarter enforcement and compliance monitoring report on the NCC’s website, 9mobile was carrying out a “ZTE Mf910 4G Mifi Promotion” in which it promised that customers who purchased a 9mobile ZTE MF910 4G mifi device at N18,800 would enjoy 10GB free data valid for 30 days.

“Accordingly, we carried out compliance checks in line with the Commission’s Guidelines on Advertisements and Promotions. Having confirmed that the promotion has not been approved by the Commission, it was recommended that 9Mobile be sanctioned for the violation” the report stated.

In addition, the regulator has also queried the telcom over its Samsung S9/S9+ promotion, noting that it slightly deviated from what was approved by the Commission.

“Having reviewed the features of the offer approved by the Commission viz-a-viz what is being advertised by 9mobile, the unit observed a slight departure from the Commission’s approval. In addition, 9mobile failed to communicate the conditions of the promotion in clear and understandable terms contrary to Section 4 (xv) of the Commission’s Guidelines on Advertisements and Promotions. Consequently, the case was transferred to Enforcement Unit for necessary action.”

The company, which is currently under interim management, has been facing several challenges since 2017, when a consortium of banks attempted a forceful take-over over an unpaid loan. The incident led to the United Arab Emirate’s Etisalat pulling out of the business and its name was eventually changed to 9Mobile.


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