9mobile highlights strategic roadmap to market


Nigeria’s fourth largest telecommunications company, 9mobile, formerly trading as Etisalat Nigeria, has said the three strategic pillars upon which the company would run in its next phase of evolution are continued commitment to innovation, customer-friendliness and promotion of data utilisation.

Revealing its market roadmap under the new brand identity, 9mobile which relaunched from its former trading name, Etisalat Nigeria, on July 19, also assured its customers that it would remain a distinct network by ensuring the delivery of innovative products and services and improved quality of service not available elsewhere, on continuous basis.

Head, Marketing Communications, 9mobile, Seni Ogunkola, who stated this in a presentation, added that the company’s key objective is to remain “a creator brand” by ensuring its customers continue to access the best of services without let or hindrance notwithstanding the recent name and logo change.

“Now moving into the future, there are three drivers that will stay with us. Innovation is going to be a strategic pillar that has been with us in the last nine years and it is going to be with us into the future. The second thing is, we are going to be digitally relevant to our customers. This is the age of the internet; we are not just going to be a player but the leader in the category. Nigerians can attest to what we have done in the data space over the years, more will be coming in that regard. Being customer-centric is another pillar that is going to be in the forefront of what we are going to do moving into the future”, he stated.

Ogunkola said further that 9mobile would continue to play on its four corporate values of integrity, empowering the people, growing the people and passion for excellence. “Four things are working in our favour and these four things are not going anywhere, they have been with us for nine years and they are staying with us. These corporate values that we believe in are still very much with us: integrity, empowering our people, growing our people and passion for excellence. These are the drivers of everything that we do in this company”, he noted.

He added that the company would also continue to build on strong pillars such as “visionary, innovativeness, authentic, meaningfulness and resilience”, which are inherent in the telco’s DNA thereby making it to stand uniquely as “the creator brand.”

Ogunkola while disclosing that the telecom firm was deliberate in setting the pace for Nigeria’s telecom market from the outset, expressed delight that the network has successfully demonstrated its lofty characteristics to its customers and key stakeholders as a network of choice over the past years.  “The benefits that have come out strongly and resonate with the personality of the brand are vitality and recognition. Vitality is more about freedom, expression, adventure, stepping out of your boundaries and doing new things. Recognition is about standing out and if you talk about a company that actually stands out in this category of this industry, you don’t need to look further than 9mobile”, he stressed.

On what inspires the thinking behind the uniqueness of the company and adoption of 9mobile as the new name, Ogunkola attributed this to “the naija heritage” of the firm, which he said dated back to 2008 when the network launched into the market under the ‘naija let’s talk’ campaign and subsequent campaign themes such as ‘0809ja for life’ in 2012; ‘Cloud9’ in 2014 and ‘9TV’ in 2016 across different portals and platforms. His words: “Our inspiration is very simple, it is coming from the heritage we have had over nine years and you can see that the apple hasn’t fallen so far from the tree and what you have right now is the same company with a new identity.”

Ogunkola reiterated that the established strong reputation of the telecom firm as Nigeria’s leading innovative, youth and customer-friendly network has not changed and that the company was committed to ensuring business continuity and profitability through the delivery of excellent and qualitative services and products and innovative solutions. “What we stand for has not changed. As a matter of fact we are even getting better; we stand for dynamism, we stand for innovation, we stand for resilience”, he assured.


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