Osun  2018 Guber: Ooni backs Ibiyemi on youths empowerment, 40,000 jobs creation


The youths empowerment programme  and 40,000 jobs creation of a governorship aspirant  in State of Osun,  Elder ( Dr) Samuel Ibiyemi  received the support of the Ooni of Ife Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi , Ojaja II at the weekend in Ile Ife.

The  endorsement of Dr Ibiyemi’s  governorship  project took place during a courtesy visit for spiritual blessing by his campaign team  to the Palace of Ooni in Ile Ife on Friday.

Ooni Ogunwusi said  the courage and programmes of  Dr Ibiyemi  on youths empowerment and 40,000 jobs creation as a governorship aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC)  is commendable and should be supported by all stakeholders.

According to his Imperial Majesty, the zeal and brilliant presentation of Ibiyemi’s programme is an indication of good plans and knowledge of the tasks ahead  that qualify him to take over from Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola as the next governor during the 2018 election in State of Osun.

“ I am not disappointed  with the  quality of Ibiyemi’s  great presentation  here today. It is clear that combination of  his wealth of military experience in Nigerian Airforce and  global integration as international business journalist which I have known him to be is a plus for him to be elected  as a candidate on merit  among all aspirants of the APC and governorship election on September 22,” he stated.

Giving  assurance  of his support for Ibiyemi to members of his campaign delegation and visitors, Ooni said that  his prayers for Ibiyemi to be successful in the governorship election has the backing of Oodua and Almighty God. He noted that the  humility  of Ibiyemi that brought him to the Palace of Oodua as a sign of  respect and prayer for spiritual blessing made him a true son of Ile Ife that will always listen to advice of elders.

“ Oodua, the founder  of Ile Ife will fight for Ibiyemi and will not allow him to  make mistakes and fail in the governorship election and journey of life,” he prayed.

Ooni Ogunwusi added that  the presentation of Ibiyemi’s development programmes shows that his administration will bring several benefits to State of Osun and Ile Ife. “ With your courage for this position of governor, you are already successful and your creator will back you up to become a celebration,” he said.

The Former Deputy Governor, State of Osun, Sooko Adeleke Adewoyin  during the introduction of Dr Ibiyemi to  Ooni and members of his cabinets which includes high chiefs in the kingdom ,said  that the love of Dr Ibiyemi for Ile Ife and State of Osun during interactions at several  events   in London ( United Kingdom) and Washington (United States of America) encouraged him to lead the  delegation of his campaign team to the Palace of Oodua. He assured Ooni  that the early experience  of Ibiyemi as a child brought up in rural area of Ile Ife and  professional exposure to cultures of developed  countries will help to promote Yoruba culture being championed by Ooni Ogunwusi.

“ I am confident that Ibiyemi is competent to govern state of Osun if giving the opportunity,” he noted.

Dr Ibiyemi, a journalist and hotelier-turn politician while presenting his agenda for State of Osun to Ooni Ogunwusi said that the establishment of Vocational centre in each Local Government Area will assist to boost human capital development, creation of 40,000 Direct jobs and over 600,000 indirect jobs during four years of administration as governor. He commended the effort made by Governor Rauf Aregbesola in transformation of  the educational sector and investment made in state-of-the-art infrastructures across the state as a benchmark which will help him to focus on sustaining rapid development of the state as a food  basket of Nigeria and centre of Information Communication Technology ( ICT). “ I will ensure that education is free from Primary to secondary school level, provide free healthcare for pregnant mothers,  infants and aged residents in order to boost population figure and raise percentage  of revenue from Federation Accounts and Allocation Committee (FAAC) for the State of Osun,” he said.

Ibiyemi, who is also the Publisher of Nigerian NewsDirect  commended  the support of Ooni Ogunwusi and Gov Aregbeolsa for youths in Osun which he described as the major factor that made criminal activities to reduce significantly. “With the milestones recorded by Gov Aregbesola and Ooni Ogunwusi, establishment of vocational training centres by his administration will transform State of  Osun to another Singapore within Nigeria,” he noted.

In the entourage of Dr Ibiyemi campaign team train were, a former House of Assembly Member Sooko Lekan Omidiora, Acting Editor Nigerian NewsDirect Mr Ayo Fadimu, his ward Councillor, Awe Taiwo and Committee of Ward Chairmen, led by Alhaji Olasoji Yekini.


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