70-year-old man divorces wife of 25 years


By Yemisi Ajayi, Ibadan

  A 70-year old man, Mr. Wasiu Oladeji has dragged his wife of 25 years, Latifat to the court in search of dissolution of the marriage, alleging his wife of not taking enough care of him.

Oladeji, a mason, told the Grade C Customary court sitting in Lagelu, Iyana-Offa that his wife had colluded with the prophetess in charge of the church she attends to kill him

 “I was a muslim before I converted to christianity through my wife, but I noticed that the prophetess and my wife have colluded to kill me”, he said.

Oladeji who told the court that although he did not pay any dowry on the wife, claiming to have snatched her from another man 25 years ago, however said the marriage had produced five children.

He said he has stopped having sex with his wife since 2010 because his wife had spiritual powers which she told him that sexual intercourse will affect, especially hindering her from attending her regular midnight meetings.

According to Oladeji who said his wife and the prophetess who is the founder of their church, had agreed to an oath to kill him because of his landed property ,also accused the wife of never taking to any of his instructions since 2010.

 He said: “I’m tired of our marriage, my wife don’t listen to any of my instructions. I told her to leave the church we attend but she refused to obey me.

She has stopped cooking for me, we don’t greet each other again in the house since when my wife started going to that church, even when I fall sick, my wife won’t take care of me”

Oladeji while praying the court for the dissolution of the marriage however told the court that, if he dies in the marriage, his blood would hang on the neck of the court.

Responding, the wife, Mrs. Latifat, 60, also agreed that the court should dissolve  the marriage, accusing her husband of being a trouble maker who wants to kill her with his sex demands.

“The entire allegation is true. I have exercised enough patience and my mind cannot condone it anymore. He complains too much, practically about everything, despite the fact that he never paid any bride price on me”, she told the court.

In his ruling, the President of the court, Mr. Mattew ýOgungbenle dissolve the marriage on the ground of “lack of love”.

Ogungbenle said since the children are matured already, the husband as a father should take responsibilities for the schooling of the children that are still in school at all times .

He also ordered the husband to give the wife the sum of N3,000 as packing fees and pay another N3,000 as house rent for three months with the rent not more than N1,000 per month


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