2face succumbs to pressure to cancel planned protest, fans react


By Sylvester Kwentua

The planned protest which was to be held on the 6th of February has been cancelled by the organizer, Innocent Idibia aka 2face.

2face, who posted on his social media handle, said the protest was cancelled due to security concerns and safety considerations.

“Dear Nigerians!!! Due to security concerns and public safety consideration. I hereby announce the cancellation of the planned March” he posted on his Instagram page.

However, his decision to cancel the protest did not go down well with many of his fans, with many of them voicing out their grievances on his page. These are some of the comments as been monitored by Nigerian Newsdirect:

“Na wa oh! If a whole 2face can decide to just withdraw from a protest that would have shook the Government to its feet, then who can speak for the masses?’ a fan who calls herself Duchess Edna wondered.

 “It is obvious they must have gotten to him with threats of death and injury to his family, for him to have decided to cancel the protest which was getting massive support and recognition, both home and abroad. Although he shelved his plan to hold a protest but his good will and intention cannot be forgotten. Well done 2face, I know you must have considered the safety of your family before taking a final decision on the protest” Godwin Akande, posited.

“Evil politicians @ work…Hope your family is safe…It’s obvious there is a plot to cause chaos and tie it to you…It’s obvious you have received enough threat calls, it’s obvious your family is @ the verge of kingpin political kidnappers…Your message is clear, your protest point is noted by the average Naija…your message has been passed…God bless your effort …May God rescue Naija from d hands of tyrants and men of evil plans…And restore the glory of our motherland”. An anonymous fan wrote.

 “I’m disappointed!!! If one like 2face cannot voice out who will…? There is a very big problem in this country. I keep saying, Nigeria has decayed beyond transformation. The best thing is to disintegrate this country”. Casmir Anyaegbu wrote.

Meanwhile, 2face was forced to react to all what the fans wrote on his handle by saying “when I accessed the risk involved in organizing a successful protest, I realized that Nigerians were not really ready to protest peacefully. The security issues was a big factor in my cancellation, as I didn’t want it to be hijacked by people whose only mission was to cause havoc and turn the protest awry. God bless Nigeria, God bless all the people of Nigeria. Nigeria will surely be great again. I am sorry if I disappointed you all but security and safety considerations had to come first”


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