Getting away with blasphemy


By Gafar Abdulmumin

The title of his provocative book JIHAD will always attract the attention of adherents of Islam, provoke the Mullahs, intrigue the protectors of the Islamic faith and rouse a deep seated passion in the souls of fanatics and extremists. Why Joseph Smart Hopewell who writes under the umbrella of JSS Hopewell will choose to delve into this controversial intention. Sensible questions to ask are: What are his true motives? What does he stand to gain by so doing? Who is he speaking for”?

Who are his true master directing him in this matter? Is he working for the Christian faith or is he working for those always seeking confrontation with Islam or is he seeking to knock the heads of our people together and exploit the divisions and recent event clashing the heads of our people together already.

Is Joseph Hopewell working for external powers? Is he a secret agent sent to divide us and widen the gaps between our faith or is he the new leader awaited by many? Or is he just a loose cannon firing biblical words against Muslims, Jews and Politicians and trying to convince humanity that he is a religious expert? Who knows the answers except the author himself.

The facts remain that his books typically insults whilst it is disguised as a religious discourse and it is certainly capable of upsetting people. He went too far in his suggestion that the marriage of the Prophet Muhammad to his seven-year-old bride borders on paedophilia. He must know that by so doing, he is insulting the prophet and billions of his followers of which at least 90 million of them lives in this our beloved Nigeria. What should they do? Keep calm? Thank him? Let him get away with it or what? He has seriously played with fire and Muslims in Nigeria or elsewhere cannot be blamed for defending their beloved prophet and Islam. Their collective honour is at stake.

Book sellers foolish enough to stock his books have received the wrath of hellfire from adherents who have attacked them for daring to stock a heretic writing deemed to be ‘Haram’ and is an insult to Islam. Many book distributors have been hurt and attacked but  the author enjoys his wealth elsewhere leaving the masses to pick up the pieces. What I ponder is why the Nigeria police and the government are content not to disturb the controversial author. Who in Nigeria or abroad is shielding this blasphemer?

Why are they shielding him? Has he not insulted them enough? They only need to visit his blog at where he called them womanizers, thieves, adulterers, rotten politicians and other insulting names for passing a law against homosexuality, lesbianism and other perverted sexual acts and relationships in Nigeria. Yet no one arrests him or speaks against him. Wow!

Oh well, afterall we are in the Donald Trump season, I suppose. Anyone can say anything against Islam, women, law makers, neighbours and do-gooders and get away with it.

We the ordinary citizens must ask the government if they are going to do anything about Joseph Hopewell, because if they do nothing, there is no doubt Muslims will avenge themselves and avenge their prophet one way or another. It is their right under Sharia and the Qur’an cannot be mocked. Or can it? Should it? He titles his blog: where is justice?

That’s right and we are asking too: Where is justice? When will he be prosecuted for aiding and abetting homosexuality and lesbianism? When will he be dragged to court in this land? When will those with the power and means stop him blaspheming the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and insult Muslims do something? When?


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