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2019: Saraki, Aso Rock cabals unite against Osinbajo

…As Kwara youths threaten to recall Saraki

By Ayo Fadimu

The raging battle between the Acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo and the senate, led by Senator Bukola Saraki, may not be unconnected with the power struggle ahead of presidential election in 2019, Nigerian NewsDirect has learnt.

Inside sources in the seat of power informed Nigerian NewsDirect that permutation of the Cabals close to the President is that its better to give power to Saraki, a northerner and retain power in the north than Osinbajo, from Southwest and particularly, an ally of former Lagos governor and national leader of All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, a very powerful politician, who can also manipulate public opinion and media in favour of his preferred candidate.

“The Cabals are trying to avoid the treatment meted out to the Late Umar Yar Adua’s kitchen cabinet, who lost out completely when the President died”

When asked if there is fear that the president may die, he said nobody is wishing death for the President but it is increasingly becoming clear that the President may not contest in 2019.

“There are fears if his health condition can withstand the rigorous campaign rallies in all the parts of the country” he added.

The fear being entertained is that if anything happens to the President, (God forbid), Osinbajo will  complete his term and in addition, will stand for election in 2019 and that means, the north has also lost power again to the south, so it’s better, a northern brother takes charge”

It will be recalled that the Senate has threatened to Impeach Osinbajo over the insistence of the Acting President that the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu will remain as the head of the anti-graft body despite being rejected by the Senate.

Issuing the threat to the acting president on Tuesday, the Senate underscored its seriousness to fight the acting president when it took the decision that henceforth no correspondence from the acting president requesting for confirmation of any nominee would be attended to.

The position of the Senate poses a risk to the effective functioning of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as the decision is set to affect the screening and clearance of outstanding 12 nominees for resident electoral commissioners (RECs) out of the 27 submitted by President Muhammadu Buhari for confirmation in January, this year.

The acting president irked the legislature when he on April 12 derided the power of the Senate to confirm or reject presidential nominees.

It would be recalled that the Senate had on March 25 found Magu unworthy of being the substantive chairman of the commission after a security report sent to the legislative house by the Department of State Security, an agency under the direct supervision of the President that Magu is not fit to head anti-corruption campaign of the President because he moves with persons of shady characters who have corruption cases against them.

However, Nigerian NewaDirect learnt that Magu is just a pawn in the political game being played out.

“The cabals are just using Magu’s case as a cover-up, remember that the Director General of DSS, Lawal Daura is also part of the cabal, many of them are afraid that once Osinbajo becomes the substantive president, they will lose their plum positions and affluence they currently enjoy although the president is on his sick bed in far away United Kingdom”

In the meantime, a group, Kwara Youths Stakeholders Forum (KYSF) has threatened to begin impeachment process against Saraki.

The group said it was disturbed by the frequent face-off between the Senate and the Executive arm of Government which was affecting the whole Nation and required the attention of all Nigerians, considering its adverse effect on the masses.

The release by the group read “We are cognisant of the separation of powers in a democratic Government, but it is shocking to see the Legislative and Executive arms of Government formed by the same political party playing opposition between themselves in the name of ‘Separation of Power’. We are aware that the expectations of Nigerians may not yet have been met by this administration and we are concerned that despite the high level of expectation of the people, many sensitive issues that have to do with the general welfare of Nigerians have not been given prompt and required attention by the Senate thereby causing delay in implementation and hindering good governance. We are also concerned that the Senate at their recent sitting suspended all issues regarding confirmation of nominees”.

The group went further, “We, the youths of Kwara State expect that the Senate President who hails from our state, would make us proud by working with the Executive to deliver the dividends of democracy to the good people of Nigeria rather than prioritizing personal issues above public interest. Sadly, Bills of public interest such as Local Government Autonomy Bill, Audit Bill (including first-line charge for Auditor General for the Federation, Bill for Special Anti corruption Court and other important Bills that will make direct impact on the people have not yet received adequate attention from the Senate. We are disappointed that despite the economic recession which demands urgent attention, the Senate leadership of the Senate for their incessant bickering with the executive arm of Government thereby causing obstruction to the smooth running of the Government of Nigeria.

“In the absence of our President Muhammadu Buhari, who we pray for his speedy recovery, we have an Acting President Yemi Osinbajo who has without doubt remained loyal, committed and focused in leading this country out of the current economic hardship and keeping the good people of Nigeria secure and united as one Great Nation. What we need from the Senate is its support and cooperation with such a leader and not their constant throwing of spanners in the works of good governance.

They lamented that they had not felt the impact of having a Senate President from their State but rather are constantly faced with bad roads while going to the state from any part of Nigeria;”We are embarrassed with the display of multi-billion Naira convoys to the face of unemployed Kwara youths and oppression of civil servants whose salaries have not been paid for months”.

“We have resolved that if having a Senate President from our State will not add value to our situation and will not be a blessing to Nigerians, we will not hesitate to begin a recall process for Senator Bukola Saraki of the Kwara Central Senatorial District.  We hereby advise him to realise that he is there to serve the good people of Nigeria, adjust his ways and prioritize the interest of Nigerians above ego and personal political ambition”

Another Senator, Dino Melaye from neighbouring Kogi State is also facing impeachment hurdles which he claimed was being led by the state governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello.

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