2018: Hope rises for Consumer rights protection, cyber security


By Bukola Olanrewaju

With cybercrime ragging high in the country, stakeholders in the information Communication Technology (ICT) sector have expressed their optimism towards a more combative effort in curbing the threat even as they call for more action on consumer rights protection.

Speaking on the high rate of cybercrime in the country, the President of the National Association of Telecom Subscribers, Chief Deolu Ogunbanjo said it is unfortunate that on part of the government, they are not doing enough to curb this threat that is so much on the increase in the society.

Complaining about the increasing fraudulent message, Ogunbanjo anticipate that in 2018, government will put more effort by creating a platform that will make the reporting process for all kinds of fraudulent messages easier.

“There have to be a system at Divisional Police level to investigate cybercrime the moment it’s being reported without waiting for the most Senior officer in the State – Commissioner of Police”, Ogunbanjo said.

He also suggested that in the year 2018, government should set up a committee where experts will walk together with Nigerian Security force in order to have positive results.

“ A committee should be present in all the states of the federation even at the local government level to ensure smooth investigation and bring criminals/ defaulters to justice”,Ogunbanjo said.

With reference to the Internet of Things, Ogunbanjo stated that in most Nations, things are done through the Regulators.

In 2018, he expects that Regulator should be strengthened to ensure that  things needed are put in place for the enjoyment of all.

Ogunbanjo thereby complained that the 14 days window for data roll over is not enough.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the remaining data should be added when a new subscription is made irrespective of the time lapses.

Speaking of the window limit, Ogunbanjo suggested that instead of 14 days data roll over, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) should make it 90 days window limit.

“It is unacceptable to limit telecommunications users subscription to 30 days, let them give us a 90 days window limit for data roll over”, Ogunbanjo specified.

In addition, he encourage Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC to look critically into the issue of Data charges that deplete faster than normal.

“Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, should keep tab on the network operators because consumers are complaining that Data  finishes faster than normal in the year 2018”, he added.

To ensure that cybercrime become a thing of the past in Nigeria in the year 2018, a senior lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, Baze University, Dr Amit Mishra expressed his concern by proposing solution to solve this alarming problem.

Speaking of cybercrime, Mishra said, “Cybercrime is done on daily basis against the wishes of a lot of citizens in the country and it is heartbreaking to know this issue that  is ranking high in Nigeria society today have no checks”.

According to him,”there are no policies, rules or system to fight and track cyber criminal in Nigeria”.

To guarantee cyber security and curb cyber crime, Amit stated that there is urgent need for the Government to make and enforce policies and laws  that will bring peace to the mind of internet users in the country.

In addition, he explained that punishments should be put in place in order to check excesses of these criminal acts in the State.

Speaking further on the traceability of the crime, Mishra said, “Experts should be trained and always available to investigate the crime details in order to track and bring the criminals to justice”.

More so, on the Internet of Things in Nigeria, he expressed that it is one of the big issue in that it can boost Nigeria  economy.

“Internet of Things (IoT) can boost Nigeria economy but to increase the usage of IoT, government need to examine how to accelerate the usage of   ICT in the country.

“Furthermore, Nigerian Government should create opportunities and healthy environment for people to use the internet to make money.

“ Good policies will accelerate the use of  ICT in Nigeria and there are so many sectors where ICT can be used efficiently.

“There is need for new ICT services, new policies, need to extend ICT to every corners of the country.

“Most importantly, there have to be more trainers and more hands to work in the ICT sectors”, he added




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