$1.5bn Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge rail: CCECC construction security operatives extort motorists


By Seun Ibiyemi

The China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) security operatives  have allegedly turned their daily operations at the ongoing $1.5billion Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge rail to extortion of motorists, investigation by Nigerian NewsDirect has revealed.

Findings by Nigerian NewsDirect on Sunday also revealed that the CCECC security collects N100 from Vehicle drivers and motorcyclists that ply the road graded by the CCECC for the construction of standard gauge rail.

In a swift reaction, the Public Relations Officer, CCECC, Abudulrauf Akinwoye said “that there is nothing of such, Ijoko-Agbado standard gauge railway corridor is officially blocked to protect and sustain the earthwork alignment.”

Akinwoye added that the newly constructed gauge rail road is guided by security personnel at both ends of the barricade which is a proof that the route is not available to motorists.

However, a motorist, Olanrewaju Kehinde, residing in Itoki in Ogun State, explained to our correspondent that he pays N100 to the CCECC security for him to move his car through the graded road every day.

According to him “there is road blockage by the CCECC security operatives and this  road provides the only access to my house while going to my place of work, so I have to pay N100, so that I can move through the road”.

Also Adekunle Rafiu, an Okada rider who spoke with NewsDirect said “I do carry passengers from Itoki to Ijoko through upgraded standard gauge rail and I pay the sum of between N50 to N100 everyday”

He added that the CCECC security operatives are extorting motorists everyday by collecting money from motorists that ply the graded standard gauge rail road. This operatives are making money from us.

Another driver, Babalola Tope who plies the road from Ijoko to Kajola in Ogun State said “I don’t know why these people are blocking the road, this is the only place that leads to my area”.

He told NewsDirect that the CCECC securities are making money every day from motorists that pass through the road. “I pay N50 to N100 daily to these operatives to workers of CCECC, Let them concentrate on the construction of the rail and not to extort motorists on daily basis”.

It was alleged that CCECC securities blocking the road are remitting the money made to some of their supervisors at that particular location.


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